Clinic Connector

Clinic Connector is a bespoke platform built in collaboration with clinics, MOAs and local Division of Family Practices.

The platform connects clinics and professionals by providing clinics the ability to post tailored job listings and have registered candidates apply for them directly. 

Clinic looking for candidates?

Post job vacancies for various roles

Immediately access our pool of:

  • Medical Office Assistants (MOAs)
  • Registered Nurses(RNs)
  • Office Staff

Reach professional healthcare staff on a secure platform

  • Get in touch with highly-rated candidates
  • Immediately offer opportunities

Healthcare professional looking for an opportunity?

Apply for jobs and get in touch with clinics directly

  • Various filters for finding an opportunity that works for you
  • Effortless job application forms

Register a candidate profile (MOA, Office staff, RN, etc)

Register a clinic profile